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basketball jerseys 15 items to pack in your hospital bag
Posted by: liueesssbq (IP Logged)
Date: August 15, 2014 12:38PM

15 items to pack in your hospital bag
1. A pretty hospital gown. While I may just decide to wear the gown the hospital gives me, I figured it wouldn hurt to have a cute gown like this one from Etsy to wear post delivery when we have visitors. It even breastfeeding friendly!
2. Your identification information, including a photo ID, your hospital registration papers and your birth plan (if you have one). Wallet via.
4. Some soothing music to calm you during labor. If you anything like me (ie. weird), I listen to a variety of music, from Ludacris to Ashlee Simpson. I guess I just random like that! But my labor mix will likely be just as random because it works for me! iPod via.
5. A bathing suit for your hubby. No,[url=http://www.cheapnfljersey-outlet@#$%&/]cheap jerseys[/url], he not allowed to go lay out by the pool while you in labor! I have actually read in a few places that it helpful for your hubs to get in the shower with you while you in labor to help support and soothe you. Whatever works, right? Bathing suit
7. Your toiletries from home. You need your toothbrush at the hospital! Toiletry bag via.
8. Your phone charger. You definitely don want to forget this item, so that you can be sure to phone friends and family once your little one arrives! i via.
10. Maternity undies. From what I understand, it helpful to have some loose fitting panties or maternity underwear to ensure you very comfortable after giving birth.
11. Swaddle blankets for the baby. Once the baby arrives, he will want to be swaddled and comfortable like he was when he was in your tummy! I love .
12. Nursing camisoles and/or nursing bras,[url=http://www.mcmhandbags-backpack@#$%&/]mcm outlet[/url]. I purchased a couple of these nursing bras from Target they are so comfortable and cute,[url=]lancel[/url]!
13. Comfortable clothing for you to get home in, like . Remember, comfort is key during your recovery!
14. A going home outfit for baby. Since she will be wearing her very first outfit, it fun to make it a special one! A sweet monogrammed outfit like this would be a fun option.
15,[url=]red bottoms[/url]. A safe car seat to get baby home. We chose this car seat based upon its high safety ratings.
So that what on my list so far! Any other ideas or suggestions for items to pack in your hospital bags? All of us soon to be mommas would love the advice,[url=http://www.monclerjackets-outlet@#$%&/]moncler outlet[/url]!!
baby nail clippers or emery board, my little ones were all born with claws and wound up scratching their cheeks.
snacks for labor and after, my first labor went very long and he was born at 2:30am so the kitchens were all closed at my hospital, we were starving by the time breakfast rolled around.
baby wipes, our hospital provided only dry paper towels basically that you had to go wet in the bathroom, wipes make it way easier to take care of the meconium.
card for your support person. In the days before each of my labors I took some time to write my thoughts, and thanks out to my husband. I knew that he would be instrumental in helping me get through my labor and was my rock each time. Having a little card with these thoughts to give him in the hours after the birth was a nice way to show him that I appreciate him.
are key for during and after labor! I second bringing your own post delivery underwear and would add that you bring your own heavy duty overnight maxi pads hospital supplied pads are awful and the mesh hospital underwear holds nothing in place. Along those same lines, I wouldn worry too much about your post delivery outfit. You most likely be in bed and covered up from the waist down, so some comfy pajama pants and a nursing tank or nursing bra and cute t shirt is all you need. Bravado makes great bras and tanks that don give you uni boob.
Just an FYI the hospital will probably send you home with a bunch of pairs of uber stretchy, kind of granny looking panties to wear for awhile. At least in my case, with both my girls, I needed to wear heavy maxi pads, the cooling and soothing TUCKS pads and practically a whole circus in there to keep things dry and comfortable. The hospital ones are nice to have,[url=http://www.bottegaveneta-handbagsoutlet@#$%&/]bottega veneta outlet[/url], actually no need to ruin your own cute ones!
Ditto to Flatlander on the wipes. And make sure to eat and drink plenty before you go in, unless your doctor has otherwise specified. They won let you have ANYTHING once labor gets going! Besides,[url=]@#$%& uk[/url], like, ice chips not enough!
Nursing cover and pillow if you want to use them! I brought them with baby 2,[url=http://www.burberryoutletonlinei@#$%&/]burberry handbags[/url], and it was SO nice! I didn have to shoo visitors out of the room when baby was hungry, and they are SO small when they new it so much easier and more comfortable to nurse with a pillow! And definitely your own underwear! I hate the hospital underwear, and switched to my own (larger than I normally wear) underwear asap! Also,[url=]sac michael kors[/url], maybe a water bottle. Some hospitals will give you one, but I like to have a big one with a straw. Oh, and bring a cute hat for the baby the hospital ones are so goofy!
slippers are a must and maybe a robe
I had packed extra panties and pads but really didn end up using them because I would rather just use and throw out the ones that the hospital provided me with
what I did use was I took witch hazel medicated wipes to use in the bathroom, as well as hemorrhoidal cream just in case. Those really helped because apparently I had a lot less pain in those nether regions than what I have heard from others. Those I would pack again.
my hospital allowed me to change into my pjs when I felt like it, after being moved into my room after delivery. I packed extra loose and comfy pjs which was nice because I didn want my stubbly legs showing from under the hospital gown You spend around 2 or 3 days at the hospital lol u are a mess.
pack a hairbrush and toothbrush, some hair clips etc
keep camera,[url=]marc jacobs outlet[/url], cell phone and charger
you can keep a few outfits for baby. I preferred putting my own outfits on baby while at the hospital when ppl came to visit.

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