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Posted by: urt8sant39 (IP Logged)
Date: May 16, 2017 07:14PM

By Leon SuseranA highly unsanitary and unhealthy situation exists along the Market Road at Number 79 Village,[url=$%&/]Wholesale Jerseys[/url], Corriverton. Tons of mud and filth have been piled high along the road. And vendors along the road shoulder continue to sell amidst the filth and mud, raising health concerns.The slushy mud that was excavated from the nearby canal was dumped along the road. According to reports, the canal was excavated by the Guyana Sugar Corporation Skeldon Estate on Friday. Another excavation exercise was performed on Sunday.The stench was unbearable. One vendor, Terrence Blair, was furious. ?You can see this thing (the mud) how it stink and smelling? this thing affects everybody.?People come to purchase (items) and they walk with their children. The children fall down on the street and when you talk to the Town Council, it get one of the engineers who say he shoulda throw the dirt pon the whole road! And this is not right?.?Everybody makes a daily livelihood right here and this livelihood causing a whole set of chaos!?The piles of mud along the roadway, the vendors said, are encumbrances to the entire roadway and all who ply the daily route to conduct business.According to the vendors, several persons fell down into the dirty mud earlier in the day. The mud, which was of very loose consistency, was flowing on the roadway, and should there be a heavy downpour of rain, all hell will break loose.The vendors said, too, that the sugar company ?refuses to remove the slushy mud. We are certain this kind of thing doesn?t happen in the city; doesn?t happen in New Amsterdam, but because we are in the country area? nobody ever come to say anything?.?GuySuCo dig the trench and the council seconded it,? said another vendor.Another vendor also said that the council has ?stopped them from removing the mud from the road?.However, the Corriverton Interim Management Committee (IMC) told the story from another angle. Chairman of the IMC, Bhawase Harripaul,[url=$%&/]Cheap Jerseys NFL China[/url], told Kaieteur News that he was aware of the slush being piled along the roadway but that the vendors have no right selling there.The canal, he said, is owned by the sugar corporation. ?The process of cleaning the trench started about three to four days ago and they have almost completed the job.?He said that the mud was thrown on the parapet ?and vendors are selling on the road? it is illegal to sell on the road and also on the public road?.He added that he wants the public to be aware ?that the stuff that is coming out of there could be injurious to their health and we have tried to stop the people from selling there, in the midst of the mud and the slush, but they continue and we are fearful that there could be an outbreak of disease?.Roadside vending has been in existence along the #79 Market Road in Corriverton for years even though the Corriverton Market exists right next door.The IMC Chairman said that both present and past town councils have tried various measures to get the vendors to occupy the market. Corriverton is now being managed by an IMC.The previous town council and the current IMC, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works,[url=$%&/]China Jerseys Wholesale[/url], tried to remove the vendors.?First, we asked them to remove the stands, but they were not heeding to the call, so therefore, the Ministry came with the police here and the town constabulary and dismantled many of the stalls.?The vendors returned the following day. This took place a few months ago.The Chairman said that the vendors ?are giving the council endless problems and as we said, we are not collecting any monies from them? they are illegal?no fees?.As a result, there is some form of disenfranchisement from the vendors who do sell in and occupy the market ?because they are paying fees and they are quarreling; they are legal; we can?t stop the people from selling on the road, and the vendors in the market are not getting sales at the back there?.He does not believe it is safe for the mud to have been dashed along the market road. ?No, it is not safe to walk down there, that road was rented to us by GuySuCo; we paid a token fee, but then GuySuCo, which has a lot of lands at the back there, want to do drainage and irrigation.?When the rain falls in this town, that thing (the canal) becomes a reservoir and it could be a threat to people?s lives; disease can break out?.He added that the company ?could not have taken the slush mud somewhere else?.When asked, what was the plan for the mud along the road?, he said, ?It will remain there, permanently,[url=$%&/]Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online[/url], to build the shoulders on the road?. He said that the slush ?will go down because a lot of stuff, vegetation is under there, so after a time, it will go down?.When told that some persons fell in the mud while shopping along the roadway, the IMC Chairman said, ?Some of the people are to be blamed, too, because they knew mud is there and they should have used the other entrance.?The Town Health and Sanitary Inspector, Roopnarine Sookhu, is very concerned about the hazardous situation ?and we told him to issue letters to those persons and we will make a public statement on television tomorrow.The Chairman said that the illegal vending situation in the town has got out of control at the moment and accused the vendors of even building toilets on the nearby Anglican Church?s burial ground? ?They are desecrating those tombs!??We asked GuySuCo to clean and excavate the canal because the school was complaining and the children were saying that the water was stink? The scent was atrocious? and we asked GuySuCo to open and re- activate the koker so there can be free passage of water.?The IMC, he said, had several meetings with the vendors, the last being two weeks ago, and even prepared individual agreement papers for them to sign and occupy a newly- constructed $15M section of the Corriverton Market which can accommodate 34 vacant stands,[url=$%&/]Jerseys NFL Wholesale[/url], but the vendors declined.?We offered them alternative places to do business and they failed?.The council, he said, even agreed to renovate the old Municipal Nursery School in order for the vendors to occupy and sell in the market building. ?This is how we try to treat these people?, he said.But the vendors rebuffed the IMC Chairman?s comments. Blair, who represented several of the vendors, said that according to his understanding of the town by- laws, roadside vending can take place about 100 yards from the market and that they (the vendors) are within the legal parameters.Blair further stated that the previous town council, headed by Former Corriverton Mayor, Roy Baijnauth, took the vendors to court ?and we win them in court?they took us to court five times and all five times we win!?He added that the court ?banned them (the town council) from carrying we there! Why the court banned them? They lose because the first time,[url=$%&/]NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap[/url], second, third time, the fourth time and when they carried we the fifth time, the man (Magistrate Krishendat Persaud) expelled the whole case and said that it was wrong and anybody could sell anywhere, once you didn?t leave your structures on the street!??Is a pack of liars and thieves? vagabonds? they thieving the people money? victimise you! What they should be doing, they ain?t doing!? he argued.

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