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Base material layer is aggrandizement floor the mainest component
Posted by: quangongzi (IP Logged)
Date: May 16, 2017 12:47PM

Aggrandizement is compound wooden floor board is general by 4 material compound composition, namely wear-resisting layer, adornment layer, base material layer and moistureproof layer,[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier@#$%&/affordable-floor/1336.html]Plastic Lumber Timbers Sale Trinidad And Tobago[/url] among them which part is the most important? Network of Chinese wood floor is small make up clew, base material layer is aggrandizement floor the mainest component, base material examines to have commonly the following 3 kinds of method.

Aggrandizement is compound the ground floor of wooden floor is moistureproof layer, using layer of base material of polyester material; commonly is aggrandizement the main body part of compound wood floor,[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier@#$%&/wholesale-deck/11924.html]wpc flooring in poland[/url] using density board to regard layer of base material of base material; as above more is adornment layer, namely decorative pattern layer, this one is to use a kind of paper that passes special treatment to be the; wear-resisting layer of material to be namely on the surface layer of aggrandizement floor even despotic agent of a wear-resisting.

In these 4 in, base material layer is most important, it is the core composition of aggrandizement wood floor, it with deal, fast unripe tree is planted for main raw material, after be being handled via decorticate and be being chosen, use wood or depart of machinery of plant fiber classics and chemical processing, mix into enters adhesive and waterproof agent, [url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier@#$%&/wholesale-deck/9435.html]average cost of installing stockade fence[/url] install via the shop again, shape to squelch with high temperature, high pressure. Because be,join wooden fiber adhesive be become through high temperature, high pressure, its density is evener, mechanical function is close to lumber, it is the plank of a kind of man-made that popularity compares on international at present.

Examine commonly the method of base material has the following kinds: One, look, see base material fibrous above all detailed pitch, even, have the color that sees it next without foreign matter; , it is the base material of raw material with deal, of reservation is the instinctive quality of deal, color is deeper, deal grows periodic and longer, wooden fiber is full-fledged,[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier@#$%&/wholesale-deck/8990.html]clad polished plywood sheets[/url] physical performance is better, whiter base material, those who use is more fast unripe tree is planted, fast the wooden fiber development that unripe tree plants is not complete, physical performance is poorer. 2, hear, see base material have peculiar smell. 3, boil, the floor that can take different brand is put in same vessel, immerse 30 minutes with 100 Ž water, take out when looking, coefficient of expansion explains quality is jumped over higher second, coefficient of expansion jumps over inferior quality to had been jumped over.

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