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Posted by: urt8sant39 (IP Logged)
Date: May 29, 2017 12:24PM

Ralph is one of de people who been in de system and who now really talking about wha dem boys been saying all de time. Cheddi know bout de thiefing people he had to wuk wid suh he plan a thing he call community development council. Dem was de people who would look to see that all who get contract would do a proper job.Well that last till Cheddi dead and Bharrat tek over. De community development council dead like Cheddi and thiefing really tek off like a rocket. De contractor talk how dem got to pay so much bribe that dem ain?t got money to finish de project.Ralph talk bout dem big businessmen who decide to get involve because dem know wheh de money deh. He even talk bout dem big politicians who collect either directly or through people who collecting de money and passing it over.Dem boys know bout a man who carry a briefcase full of foreign currency to a big man who dem boys does call de King Bee. Ralph know these things but he ain?t calling name. He end up saying that Guyana could soon be called de Kleptocratic Republic of Guyana. That is a big word but what it mean is that de big ones picking up every cent that poor people wuk hard to collect fuh build de country.In other words,[url=http://www.2017draftshop@#$%&/david-njoku-jersey/]David Njoku Jersey[/url], Guyana gun be known as de country wheh every big one is thief and when dem stop another one gun tek over.Dem boys know this and when dem talk dem use to get cuss. Some of dem even get threaten. But dem continue to talk. But everybody know that when something is true dem who does do de thiefing does shut dem mouth. Nobody ain?t write a word about Ralph. De Hard Times paper use to cuss when people talk bout Barbie.De time coming soon. De matter going to parliament and some people got to answer. But even some people got a plan. Dem planning to move de Minister who controlling de drugs and put in somebody who can?t talk because he don?t know nutten.Talk half and report all who thiefing

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