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Hermes Handbags 18 Signs Youve Clearly Backpacked In Europe
Posted by: sliu7s5j3l (IP Logged)
Date: August 21, 2014 04:42PM

18 Signs You've Clearly Backpacked In Europe,[url=http://www.article-web.co.uk/category/hermes-handbags/]Hermes Handbags[/url]
If you scoff at people who need to check in full size luggage at the airport, and your "throwback Thursday" pictures on Instagram are always you in front of the Eiffel Tower or Buckingham Palace chances are you've backpacked through Europe.
The post graduation Euro trip has become a rite of passage for most young adults. Once they've got that diploma in hand, Europe is always the next logical step. Some will go for a few weeks, others the entire summer, or spend an entire victory lap hopping from city to city.
This trip was a big deal for you. It was probably your first major trip without your parents,[url=http://www.article-web.co.uk/category/hermes-online-sale/]Hermes Online sale[/url], and your first time staying in a hostel because you were also on a tight budget and by on a tight budget, we mean you were broke. Scratch that, you were very broke and Europe was very expensive so you learned quickly that paying to check in luggage was out of the question, and taking cabs anywhere was completely unnecessary.
Nonetheless, it was still one of the greatest trips of your life. As a result, you've walked away with these 15 badges of honour, these sure fire signs that you've definitely backpacked through Europe (at least once).
Don't Bring: Rolling LuggageWhen it comes to picking luggage, things essentially boil down to the destination you're visiting and personal taste. That said,[url=http://www.article-web.co.uk/category/hermes-belts/]Hermes Belts[/url], it should be noted that wheels don't fare well on European cobblestones. Also, if you think those hole in the wall hostels and hotels will have elevators, think again.
Do Bring: A BackpackYou'll understand the value of a good (and light) backpack when you're climbing stairs and navigating crowded train stations. Besides, it's called backpacking for a reason: leave your wheels at home.
Don't Bring: A Pillow And Blanket SetIf you're perpetually cold, the idea of a small blanket and pillow is comforting. But though these sets are light, their awkward shapes take up precious space, and you won't need them much outside the occasionally chilly train or bus.
Do Bring: A ScarfIt doesn't need to be cashmere, but a high quality scarf has many uses,[url=http://www.article-web.co.uk/category/hermes-wallet/]Hermes Wallet[/url], including as a makeshift blanket. You'll survive, we promise.
Do Bring: A Tablet ComputerWhile tablet computers can cost as much as laptops, they take up less room, and you can easily slip them in and out of your backpack without being conspicuous. While it's rarely a good idea to keep your tablet out in public for too long, it makes life easier when you're writing emails or blog entries at the end of the day.
Don't Bring: More Than A Few Items Of Clothing Lay out all the clothes you want to take,[url=http://www.masterclass-detailing.co.uk/category/ralph-lauren-polo/]Ralph Lauren Polo[/url], and divide by half. That's the amount you really need. It's wise to take one nice item in case of a night out but the rest should be clothes you aren't too partial to.
Do Bring: Campsuds DetergentThis all purpose cleaner from Mountain Equipment Co op can be used on your body or clothing, and works remarkably well. Use a few drops of Campsuds on dirty clothes and do your washing in the sink. It takes commitment, but you'll save at least five Euros a pop on laundry.
Don't Bring: A Non Waterproof JacketFashion tends to go out the window when it starts pouring rain. A trendy jacket may look nice for the one or two occasions you can wear it but other than that,[url=http://www.masterclass-detailing.co.uk/category/cheap-polo-shirts/]Cheap Polo Shirts[/url], it'll eat up the space in your bag.
Do Bring: Waterproof WindbreakerInvesting in a rugged windbreaker prior to backpacking may just be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. If it rains, it'll keep you dry and warm. When it doesn't, roll it up and tuck it into a section of your backpack.
Don't Bring: Cloth Based ShoesTOMS seem like a great idea when you're packing: they're colourful,[url=http://www.masterclass-detailing.co.uk/category/polo-outlet/]Polo Outlet[/url], comfortable and supportive. But if you're in a warm destination, you will sweat, and cloth shoes will smell very, very bad. Your toxic footwear won't make you any friends.
Do Bring: Good Walking Shoes Or RunnersSo you left those wedges at home and brought a dorky pair of runners instead. Good for you! You'll be way more comfortable, and less likely to get injured. After all, you could be wearing Louboutins and Europeans will still disapprove of your footwear. So really, who cares?
Don't Bring: Candy And Junk FoodEveryone has their guilty pleasures, but if you're travelling in Western Europe,[url=http://www.article-web.co.uk/category/discount-hermes-bags/]Discount Hermes Bags[/url], chances are the food will be good (and fattening). Why waste mealtimes on empty calories,[url=http://www.masterclass-detailing.co.uk/category/ralph-lauren-polo-outlet/]Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet[/url], when you could be stuffing your face with eight different kinds of lasagna?
Do Bring: Oatmeal SachetsEating out gets exhausting and expensive. Most hostels supply communal kettles, and instant oatmeal can be filling and nutritious. Plus, individual sachets are light and slim, so they're easy to pack.
Don't Bring: Big Lunch BudgetsTimes are hard in Europe but you can usually still count on breakfast being included with your hostel stay. Load up in the morning,[url=http://www.article-web.co.uk/category/hermes-birkin-bag/]Hermes Birkin Bag[/url], so you won't need more than a sandwich at lunchtime. Eating out for two big meals a day can break the bank and dinner options are always better.
Do Bring: Ziploc BagsWhen you tire of restaurants, head to the grocery store for local ingredients. You can prepare the food back at your hostel and pop leftovers in Ziploc bags for the next day's meals. It's unbelievably cheaper and you'll get a glimpse of what locals really eat while at the market.
Don't Bring: Stylish HatsUnless you plan on looking like Annie Hall in Europe, leave the hat at home. If you're insistent on bringing a hat, make sure there's a cord to carry it with, or it folds easily for storage.
Do Bring: SunglassesIf you still have that scarf on hand on a hot day, why bother with a hat at all? Whip out some shades and you're good to go. They take less room and make more of a stylish statement.
Consider Not Bringing: Expensive CamerasThe same logic for laptops applies to your prized DSLR, although this is a tougher call. On one hand, what better time to use a fancy camera than when you're travelling? On the other, DSLRs can be clunky, heavy and make you vulnerable to theft.
Do Bring: Disposable CameraIf something happens to either your iPhone or DSLR, keep a cheap, disposable camera on hand. In case of an emergency, you can still document your trip, and get cool, vintage looking prints out of it, too.

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