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Posted by: dfr3xcda16 (IP Logged)
Date: May 10, 2017 10:07AM

Some people get pompous. De Rat give dem spunks and dem now decide that dem powerful like de Rat. Tek Shaatie. He is a man who people don?t even see. He quiet like de mouse he is. Now all of a sudden he talking down to people. That alone is enough to get people vex.But wha got people really vex is how de Rat decide to silence every voice that is not he own. De man give radio to all he friends and lef out everybody else. He know that he friends ain?t gun talk anything bad bout he. And besides,[url=$%&/]Cheap Jerseys NFL[/url], he know that when he want seh anything he got a whole lot of people who gun mek he talk all over de place.Dem boys know that he plan to come back as president after Donald move on and dem know that if that happen is dead de country dead. He give way land. Just travel all over de country. De land pun both sides of de road done sell out to he friends and family.People know that de road to Lethem is a long road and some actually believe that dem could get a piece of land when de place open up. Dem find out that no land is available. People gone wid all and all dem people is de Rat friend.De man give way de water. He got people wukking in all dem river and when dem boys check is he friends and he kavakamites. Now he give way de air. Well dem boys seh that if people sit back and allow that to happen then is de whole country gone.Imagine people want space fuh radio and TV. De Rat claim how he don?t want a Wild West suh he gun wait till dem have a proper authority.Next thing dem boys know is that he is de authority. He give some people nuff channel and ignore dem who really want.People gun walk pun de road and a man gun demand tax fuh de air dem breathe. If people want travel pun water another man gun charge dem toll. Some people already can?t walk wheh dem want.Talk half and leff half

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