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Posted by: urt8sant39 (IP Logged)
Date: May 10, 2017 09:21AM

By Latoya Giles  A former coast guard has testified that Sherwin Hart had continuously told him that he was dropping off Dweive Kant Ramdass at Bonasika in the Essequibo River. Randy Renville, called ?Celly? is a former coast guard and he had once worked with Hart.Renville told the court that he was living at Parika during the time of the incident. He said that he was a former coast guard up until 2004. The witness told the court that he had known Sherwin Hart for some time since they had worked together. He said that some time before the incident with Ramdass he had met Hart and they had exchanged mobile numbers.According to Renville, around 15:45 hours on August 20, 2009, Leonard Brotherson called him. As a result of that call, Renville said that he went to the Parika beach area. Renville said that he and Brotherson spoke and he subsequently called Hart. The witness said he tried calling the phone some five times before he eventually got through. He eventually got through to Hart and recognized him because he ?stammers?.Renville said he called Hart and asked what was the problem with the ?youth man on the boat? and according to him the accused responded that he was giving him a drop to Bonasika. The witness said he disconnected the phone and called back Brotherson.Renville said that he again had the cause to call back Hart and tried to ensure that he was indeed taking Ramdass to Bonasika.?I spoke to Hart and I ask he about de youth man in de boat. Yuh sure you dropping he off at Bonasika?? The witness told the court that Hart told him that he was heading there to drop off Ramdass. Renville said he left for the ball field which is at the back of the Parika Market. He said that it was about 16:40 hrs,[url=$%&/]Cheap NFL Jerseys China[/url], while he was playing cricket that Kurwin Chance also known as ?Cow? came to him. He said that he knows Chance from the interior.Renville said that he and Chance spoke, and as a result he took Chance?s cell phone and tried calling Hart.  The witness told the court that he called Hart?s phone for about ten times before he eventually got through.?When he answer de phone I seh Hart ?He seh Celly and I seh is wah y?all do with the youth man? Yuh sure yuh drop he off at Bonasika?? Renville explained. The witness said he tried to put the phone on speaker so as to allow the persons present to hear what Hart was saying,[url=$%&/]NFL Jerseys China Wholesale[/url], but the phone went off and he did not hang up.The man said he tried getting back to Hart and he managed to get through. Renville said he heard Hart?s voice shouting saying ?Ah tell y?all don?t answer the phone; let it ring out?.Renville said that he along with Chance was at the Stelling when they saw Hart and Greenidge. He said that he spoke to Chance and he along with a police subsequently went and invited Hart and Greenidge into the Parika station.The man said he saw the coast guard boat and no one was inside. Renville further told the court that afterward he was coming back off the Stelling when he saw Devon Gordon and a young lady who he later learnt was Vanda Adolphus.He said that the two were standing next to a truck when he saw Gordon give her a ?black travelling bag?. He said the two of them were later arrested.A few hours later Renville said that he along with a team of men went in search of Ramdass. The man said that they went to Fort Island, Caiman Hole, and Worm Hole, but they failed to locate Ramdass.  Prior to the incident Renville said that he and Hart never had any problems.Under cross examination by attorney at law Latchmie Rahamat,[url=$%&/]Wholesale Jerseys China[/url], the witness was asked why during the search they didn?t go to ?Bonasika?. Renville explained that it was dangerous to go there at that time of the night.During cross examination,[url=$%&/]NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap[/url], the witness told the court that he could not have remembered all of the persons who were on the boat. He was asked how long they spent searching for Ramdass, and according to Renville?s estimation they spent approximately three hours.Another witness for the day was Corporal Rodwell Sarrabo who is stationed at the Criminal Investigation Department. On August 20 Sarrabo told the court that he was on duty, when he received certain and instructions.As a result of what he heard he along with a party of policemen headed by Assistant Superintendent Trevor Reid, left CID and went to La Grange Police Station.He said they arrived at the station and in his presence Sergeant Suraj Singh contacted Shawn Ageday, the brother of Sherwin Hart. Ageday was in custody at the station. He was interviewed and a statement was taken.Sarrabo said that Reid along with Singh and a party of policemen left La Grange Station.The officers subsequently arrived at the Leonora Police Station. On arrival at the station Reid spoke with Deputy Superintendent Paul in the compound. The witness explained that shortly after Deon Greenidge was escorted out of the station and handed over to Reid. Sarrabo told that court that Greenidge left in the company of a party of policemen who went to Lot 166 Middle Road, La Penitence.On arrival at the house Reid spoke to one Yvonne Beckles, who is the mother of Deon Greenidge. Sarrabo said that Reid and the woman spoke briefly then she left and went inside her home. The woman, according to Sarrabo, brought out a brown shoulder bag and gave it to Reid. He said that the bag was packed and the bag was opened in his presence and Greenidge by ASP Reid and it contained a quantity of parcels of $1000 currency notes.The woman was arrested and taken to the Criminal Investigations Department. He said that an allegation was put to the woman in the presence of Singh where she made a statement and was cautioned.Around 01:40hrs on August 21, the allegation was put to Greenidge who was also at CID. Sarrabo told the court that it was Corporal Singh who told Greenidge that the allegation was that on August 20, he Greenidge with others murdered Ramdass at Caiman Hole, Essequibo River. After the allegation was put to him, Sarrabo said that Greenidge agreed that he would tell them everything.Under cross examination, Sarrabo denied that he had changed aspects of his testimony. The witness denied the allegation that he was deliberating stating that Reid was in the compound speaking to DSP Paul in an attempt to remove Reid from inside the Leonora Police Station.The witness further denied that he ever witnessed any of the policemen beat any of the three men accused of killing Ramdass.A police photographer was the third person called to give evidence as the matter continued. Police Corporal Lancelot Whittington,[url=$%&/]Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online[/url], who is stationed at CID, testified about photographs he took of some of the seized money. Whittington said that he had been a photographer for several years, having completed courses within the police force.He said that on August 20,[url=$%&/]Wholesale NFL Jerseys[/url], 2009, he was at the crime lab when Reid requested a photographer. When he arrived at the front of CID he took three photographs of money which was being displayed on a desk.The three pictures of the ?money? were tendered into evidence yesterday. They were also shown to the members of the jury. Under cross examination the officer admitted that photos were not of the best quality. The lawyer suggested to Whittington that since the photos were not of the best quality, one could not see the domination of the money.However, Whittington maintained that it was indeed the money which he was instructed to take.The matter will continue today.Sherwin Hart, Deon Greenidge and Devon Gordon are all charged with the 2009 murder of Bartica gold miner Dweive Kant Ramdass.

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