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Posted by: dfr3xcda16 (IP Logged)
Date: May 10, 2017 03:25PM

Is only now dem boys finding out de crookishness that Neeaz Subhan and Kwame McCoy do fuh de Pee Pee Pee.De pressure was building up pun de party because dem people in foreign begin to ask question. Dem was de people who use to give nuff money to de party. De only thing that dem didn?? know was that most of de money was ending up in people pocket.Neeaz and Kwame decide to print a paper in New York to fool de people that everything bright and beautiful in Guyana. Is not them private paper,[url=$%&/]Cheap NFL Jerseys China[/url], is Govt money spend.And according to dem two,[url=$%&/]Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online[/url], is that one Jagdeo- the man that resembled the devil- who instruct dem to do it.? But old people always seh wha do in darkness does come to light. Dem boys did ask Neeaz about de newspaper and he tell dem point blank that is not their business.De boss man for de Waterfalls paper decide to check but he couldn?? get no information.When he ask Neeaz de man tell dem that is a government project and that is a secret project. Well is a new government and since dem was spending government money dem had to be a record.Fuh some strange reason,[url=$%&/]Jerseys NFL Wholesale[/url], de money dem spend wasn?? on de radar because de audit didn?? reach that part of de programme. Then suddenly out of de blue word come to de Waterfalls boss man that Neeaz and Kwame didn?? ask any printery.Now if a man want to get a quotation fuh a paper he gun go to a printery.? Not Neeaz and Kwame. Dem seek a middle man and dem pick pun two white man who name Kev and de other man name Bill. Kev and Bill them go and look fuh a printer name Five Star printer that some Guyanese own.It tun out that whatever money dem spend people gun know. Kev and Bill get dem cut. Neeaz and Kwame get dem cut and de Guyanese printers ain?? talking about how much dem charge,[url=$%&/]Cheap Jerseys From China[/url], but dem boys got de papers and de account. Neeaz gun get sick again.He watching de jail door. All de money he get from dem show wha he use to hold ain?? enough to pay lawyers to explain de skimming off.And Soulja Bai skimming too,[url=$%&/]Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping[/url], but he skimming over de clouds. Every week he out of de county. Dem boys believe that he want to match Jagdeo record. But then again he might be seeking frequent flyer miles.Dem boys want he to know that dem expect he to be in Guyana to lead de country,[url=$%&/]Wholesale China Jerseys[/url],Talk half and wait fuh de Neeaz and Kwame bombshell.

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