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The floor is checked and accept the standard teachs you how to check and accept a shop to install the effect
Posted by: quangongzi (IP Logged)
Date: May 10, 2017 07:41AM

Cork foot feels cozy nature, bouncy, can reduce the harm that accident trip causes, benefit the knee joint at protective children, old people. Cork floor performance is superior, the price also does not poor.[url=http://wpcexport@#$%&/wpc/2612.html]pvc clear roofing panels for decks[/url] Choosing meticulously so is must. Look together below how floor of cork of choose and buy:

1, visit producing area: Cork is regional resource product, grow in Mediterranean basin only on the west a few countries of the bank. Leave these national cork to still can grow, [url=http://wpcexport@#$%&/wpc/1457.html]composite wood decking jeddah[/url]but the effect that bark grows however widely different, do not grow bark even. For instance optional choose grows in the cork of mountain of Chinese the Qin Dynasty, can grow a bark, but ply can achieve Portuguese 1/3 only, had not exceeded 5 centimeter, especially the flexibility of bark, the six to one such as colour and lustre, after production becomes a floor, be in soft easy is measurable, jing Yin, waterproof, the difference of the respect such as heat preservation is shown.

2, hear flavour: The surface that nears a floor with nose is heard, if be light natural wood fragrance,be the product of good environmental protection. Have conversely very powerful pungent olfactory used unqualified paint and glue namely, harmful to human body.

3, see the surface: See cork floor face smooth,[url=http://wpcexport@#$%&/wpc/2975.html]composite landscape timbers[/url] have without grain bosomy protruding, cork grain is orderly, edge tenon is neat. Cork is the pure natural product that comes from nature, after making a floor board exterior nature has appearance of a few pothole, do not affect use normally. But a few homebred products because raw material is bad, after pothole phenomenon is too serious, pick filling dirt of labour of choose and employ persons child the method goes fill pothole, be bored with child the density of material and cork differ completely, heat of use period of time bilges cold the be bored with after shrinking child the meeting is cruel come out, destroyed the floor completely.

4, see density board: Cork floor Density board is very important in, the density of good floor board it is to use wood, cypress does, and do not choose branch, dead tree serves as base material, pass even pare bark craft, [url=http://wpcexport@#$%&/wpc/4921.html]removable balcony deck flooring[/url] pan craft, and density is high, use good environmental protection 3 get together miscellaneous wood of hydrogenous ammonia glue, and still can see the stand or fall of density from section.

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