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Posted by: dfr3xcda16 (IP Logged)
Date: June 04, 2017 09:05AM

Things gone from bad to worse. Imagine that dem boys go to buy a ticket fuh go to de cricket,[url=$%&/villanova-wildcats-2-kris-jenkins-navy-blue-basketball-stitched-ncaa-jersey-cl.html]Kris Jenkins College Jersey[/url], West Indies playing against Zimbabwe and Guyana got to mek sure that de ticket dem sell is de genuine article.Uncle Adam buy a ticket and it got he name suh if he drop it nobody can?t use it like if everybody know Uncle Adam face. Well dem boys want to know wha gun happen wid all who name Mumtaz Ali or Salim Baksh or Rohit Singh or even Bharrat.What happen if Sharon Harris or Grace Joseph or Claude Prince or James Browne buy a ticket? Dem have nuff people wid that name. If one of dem drop it and somebody wid de same name find it,[url=$%&/wholesale-chicago-cubs-jersey-china-97-wt/]Chicago Cubs Jerseys[/url], how de Cricket Board gun solve de problem?But wha mek matters worse is that people buy ticket wid counterfeit money. Dem boys seh that de board did not spot de money. Dem want to know how dem gun spot counterfeit tickets.De other night some men guh pun a robbery to raise money to go to cricket. Bad luck fuh dem as soon as dem cone out de house is de police waiting fuh dem. Imagine de police got de nerve to announce that one escape.Then dem have de set of people who don?t thief nutten but gold chain. Dem boys seh that more people lose dem gold chain than babies losing dem baby teeth. And de people who thief de chain does sell dem cheap.Dem boys want to know how come people don?t recognize dem same chain when dem go back pun de market.Life strange. A man snatch a chain and de police ketch he and he refusing to release de chain. He hold on like if is he own. And he got de nerve to plead not guilty.Is indeed a strange world.Talk half. Lef half.

every 40 minutes.
Posted by: w5iWaX316 (IP Logged)
Date: June 05, 2017 12:12AM

3, 4 days a week. To the new school.
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