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@#$%& jackets An Interview With Jim Corr
Posted by: lesss4f45z (IP Logged)
Date: September 19, 2014 05:03PM

An Interview With Jim Corr,[url=]@#$%& uk[/url]
The Lonely Martian: Mr Corr it's a pleasure to meet you in person finally.
Jim Corr: The pleasure is mine fellow freedom fighter. Before we begin though I would like to check that you still don't have the chip that high ranking lizard people have planted in your head he takes from his pocket what appears to be spork (spoon fork) and gets up to approach me
TLM: That's alright Mr Corr,[url=http://www.@#$%&]all star @#$%&[/url], as you can see I've had mine removed,[url=]mercurial vapor[/url], painful but worth it. No more shall they steal my thoughts so that the lizard people can sell them to companies like Microsoft and Coca Cola.
JC: Looking a little disappointed sits back down but keeps the spork in one hand Alright, I just had to make sure,[url=$%&/]the northface[/url], you know?
TLM: Of course I understand it's a lizard people world out there and we have to make sure they don't steal our thoughts
JC: Nods sagely Damn straight! Now what kind of questions did you want to ask me
TLM: Well I was hoping to ask you some stuff about your work with the Corrs and then move on to lizard people questions,[url=]sac hermes[/url], if that's alright?
JC: Sure no problem, just let me put on my interview hat takes out tinfoil bowler hat which actually looks quite striking on him This just makes sure that my super intelligent thought process isn't subsumed by the American Government to make money off the poor
Damn you America,[url=$%&/]@#$%& shoes 2014[/url]! Leave Jim Corr alone!
JC: Yes, you see I discovered that they were in fact lizard people collaborators! So I captured them and keep them locked up in the basement of my house trying to get answers from them about the lizard people's plans for humans
TLM: So this is why The Corrs broke up?
JC: Sure is! You didn't believe all that nonsense about solo careers, did you? Hah! Ol' Jim here has more than one trick up his sleeve!
TLM: How did you find out about their collaboration,[url=]mont blanc[/url]?
JC: Well I first thought there was something fishy about them when I realised they weren't calling me stupid in their songs anymore and the more I listened the more I heard the subliminal messages about obeying the lizard people overlords,[url=]louis @#$%& speedy[/url]. One day I followed them and took this picture of them with some of the lizard people He reached into his pocket and produced a picture which made me gasp most femininely
TLM: I have to say Jim, that was a lot of fun
JC: Sure is, I don't think they know any of the lizard people plans but I do enjoy making them pay for their collaboration
TLM: Damn straight! I just have a couple more questions for you before I finish
JC: That's perfectly alright, fire away!
TLM: So what are your future plans for combating the lizard people?
JC: Well I have planned on making a new world government with me as the world president. I would bring in policies about every person in the world having their chips removed, set up roving death squads to combat the lizard people and I woud ban all music that doesn't involve singing about killing lizard people
Yes we can,[url=]louis @#$%&.com[/url]. defeat the lizard people!
TLM: Well you've certainly got my vote Mr. Corr,[url=]air max 1[/url], bags vice president! And finally, when you do become president of Earth, what will you do once the lizard people are eradicated?

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