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chaussure @#$%& All that seasonal flair
Posted by: hogan2fd (IP Logged)
Date: September 18, 2014 07:50AM

All that seasonal flair,[url=]chaussure @#$%&[/url]
Go out and admire the flowering trees and plants vying for our attention in spring and early summer,[url=]@#$%& air huarache[/url], says Peter Dowdall.
THERE are certain gardening jobs that need to be done at a specific time and if you don't get around to them then you miss your chance for this year.
We tend to think only of cherry blossoms when it comes to spring and early summer flowering trees but Apple blossom too is one of the stunning sights,[url=]hogan outlet[/url]. They are particularly breathtaking if we are lucky enough to enjoy some days of bright sunshine with pure blue skies whilst these beauties are in blossom,[url=]sac longchamps[/url].
Feeding fruit trees now with Sulphate of Potash or a good organic tomato food is one of those tasks.
Both feeds that I mentioned are high in potassium which will help in the production of flowers and the onset of fruit and as these trees are in blossom now then this is your only opportunity for this year to try and ensure a plentiful supply of good quality fruit later in the year.
Be aware too of drought at this time of the year as periods of dry sunny weather can lead to these trees dropping their fruits before they ever come to maturity. Mulch around the base of the trees with good quality compost,[url=http://www.@#$%&-free-running@#$%&/]@#$%& free run 3.0[/url], either from the bag,[url=http://www.@#$%&]mens trainers[/url], or homemade from your compost bin.
This will help prevent water loss from the roots due to evaporation, particularly important for trees planted in the last 4 5 years. Many of the ornamental or crab apple varieties will provide the best display now followed up later in the year with stunning autumn colour and lastly of course the beautiful ornamental fruits much loved by the birds during the winter. These varieties are excellent pollinators too for the fruiting varieties.
But spring colour isn't exclusive to trees and shrubs,[url=$%&/]p90x diet[/url]; plants that have been sleeping during the winter have now burst forth out of the soil with the rising temperatures and are in a mad rush to show themselves off,[url=http://www.canadagooseoutletsale@#$%&/]canadian goose[/url]. When we think of herbaceous and perennial plants we tend to think of late summer flowering but don't forget to stop and admire the beauty that is all around at the moment,[url=$%&/]michael kors[/url].
Look out for Dicentra in all its forms,[url=]toms warehouse sale[/url]. Also referred too as Dutchman's Breeches and Bleeding Heart this little beauty is truly one of the stars of the show during April and May. The flowers are so intricate in detail hanging off arching stems like little mini works of art from a fine porcelain factory,[url=]michael kors bag[/url].
There' s also the golden leaved variety 'Gold Heart' or varieties with very fernlike foliage such as 'Spring Magic' and my personal favourite 'Stuart Boothman' with beautiful,[url=]sac hermes[/url], fine grey green foliage.
Corydalis flexousa is another spring flowering perennial which deserves attention,[url=http://www.@#$%&]@#$%& rosh run[/url]; watch out for the variety 'China Blue' with its lovely feathery coppery green foliage and electric blue flowers resting on top,[url=]@#$%& blanche[/url].
And of course there's the Primulas the bog, candelabra types like 'Millers Crimson',[url=]oakley government sales[/url], which as the name of the group suggests likes a damp position (not a problem to many Irish gardens); the auricula types which prefer the opposite well drained gritty soil and some protection from the coldest frosts; the polyanthus and cowslips which are native to our hedgerows and ditches, and then the drumstick Primulas (denticulata). These hold their pompom like flowers atop proud stems about 10 20cm 4 8" over the green rosette of leaves.
If you want something very dramatic and a bit later flowering then do keep an eye out for the most unusual looking of all the primulas and that is Primula 'Vialii' which likes a damp position and produces erect flowers with petals and little flowerets facing downwards,[url=]polo @#$%&[/url], red in bud opening as pink.
There are so many spring flowering beauties it is very hard to single out so few to write about,[url=]lululemon outlet[/url], but there is one that I absolutely cannot leave out and that is the Aquilegia Columbine or Grannys Bonnet. One of my earliest memories in the garden was when I discovered this plant in flower in my parents' garden,[url=]polo @#$%&[/url], a red and yellow form. It still fills me with simple childhood joy when I see these in flower as there is something about their intricate beauty that still stops me in my tracks when I see them.
Take the time this spring and summer to stop,[url=]montblanc pens[/url], take time out and look around and admire what is all about you as these hard working plants are giving their all to make your garden more beautiful.
When you look at all the shrubs in your garden and try to remember when to prune each it can seem a daunting task.
A good rule of thumb is to cut back most shrubs directly after flowering as new flower buds will normally develop on the growth produced after this. It's not always that straightforward of course but it's a good general guideline,[url=]louisvuitton[/url].
One plant that does need to be cut back immediately after flowering is Cytisus or Broom. Producing masses of pea like yellow,[url=]timberland @#$%&[/url], red,[url=]air max trainers[/url], bicolour or white flowers,[url=http://www.bottegaveneta-handbagsoutlet@#$%&/]veneta[/url], depending on the variety,[url=]valentino's[/url], they will tend to get woody and leggy if not kept in check. Over the next few weeks is the time to cut them back and keep them bushy. Even a well maintained specimen will tend to outgrow itself and become woody with the growth appearing more sparse and lanky to the top of the plant. My advice is when the plant gets to that stage, dig it up and replace it,[url=http://www.@#$%&-rosheruns@#$%&/]roshes[/url], it owes you nothing, costing you merely a few euro several years ago.
Don't sacrifice the space in your garden for any specimen that has outgrown itself, replace it with a fresh new plant and consign the older one to the compost bin.

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