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louis @#$%& designer Bag ban just trash
Posted by: wang2n5n8f (IP Logged)
Date: September 12, 2014 06:00PM

Bag ban just trash
Please, oh please, easily influenced members of Calgary city council: Keep looking to places like Vancouver for inspiration and not towards Ontario biggest city.
Sigh. It wishful thinking, of course.
Inevitably, in their bid to have Calgary emulate every progressive metropolis between Paris and Portland,[url=]www.louisvuitton@#$%&[/url], a few local aldermen will be mesmerized by Toronto sudden choice of paper over plastic.
Actually, what Toronto city council decided is that there should be no choice for Toronto at all.
As of Jan. 1, 2013, councillors in Hogtown have decreed plastic bags to be illegal, forcing eco consciousness on a population that was already switching to reusable bags under a highly effective five cent bag tax.
It was a myopic political play by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford which led to the bag ban, after the knee jerk conservative tried to shoot down the bag fee as some sort of anti capitalist sin tax.
Fine, said the rest of the YYZ council no five cent fee,[url=http://www.canadagooseoutlet-jackets@#$%&/]@#$%& parka[/url], no bags at all. And with that, Toronto joined Los Angeles and San Francisco as a paper only town.
Calgary, mercifully, has no politicians with the clumsy bull in a china shop aptitude of Ford.
But with environmentalists applauding,[url=http://www.pradaoutletonlineb@#$%&/]prada sneakers[/url], this is just the thing to resurrect an ill considered bag ban pushed on Calgary by Ald. John Mar back in 2009, before council came to its senses.
Instead of forcing Calgarians to stop using plastic bags, treating them like so many wasteful children, Calgary council decided to work with the business community on reducing the sinful sacks.
Sensible, achievable and gradual, in other words, by allowing people and businesses to adjust, rather than ripping the plastic from their warm, unwary hands.
In Toronto, the fallout has just begun.
Like Calgary, there are multiple plastic manufacturing firms in the Toronto area,[url=]north face jackets[/url], and it been estimated the ban in Ontario could impact up to 15,000 jobs.
As well,[url=]ghd straighteners[/url], the plastic in those bags was recycled into outdoor furniture and plumbing, so the ban threatens workers in a secondary industry as well.
In Calgary, as well as supporting the local plastics industry, plastic bags are re used for everything from lunches to picking up after Calgary 100,000 dogs.
That latter messy question,[url=]@#$%& air max thea[/url], in a city where abandoned dog feces is already a serious issue,[url=]chi flat irons[/url], was never properly answered by Mar and others who supported a Calgary bag ban.
Frankly, picking up after your Great Dane with a paper sack doesn hold much appeal and given a couple of soggy minutes, a full bag won hold much either.
That not to say Calgarians couldn stand to cut down on the amount of plastic bags being used. Back in 2009, only 4% of bags were being recycled,[url=$%&/]@#$%& aviator sunglasses[/url], or 211 tonnes per year.
Again,[url=]valentinos[/url], that doesn measure bags being for other uses,[url=]@#$%& blazer @#$%&[/url], like kitchen trash. But still, Alberta consumption of 900 million bags a year can surely be reduced.
But a ban?
As giddy as that notion might make some eco minded aldermen on Calgary city council,[url=$%&/]michael kors[/url], it might not be wise.
Ireland banned the plastic shopping bag,[url=]red sole shoes[/url], but critics say the heavier ply trash bags people have to buy as an alternative actually increased the amount of plastic heading to landfills.
And then there the question of how much fuel it taking to ship reusable bags to North American,[url=$%&/]fake rolex watches[/url], given that many of them are produced in China.
A ban isn as simple as just saying no plastic, and watching the planet breathe a sigh of relief. In fact, all it takes to reduce is awareness, and perhaps incentive in the form of a small bag fee.
Toronto had found a very effective solution in its nickel a bag charge, before Ford stepped in and messed it all up last week.
Plastic bag use had shrunk by 59%,[url=]doudoune @#$%&[/url], and was continuing to decline as reusable bags became more common just as they are increasingly seen in cities like Calgary.
Toronto city council has taken a bold step in totally banning the bag, but between lost jobs and unscooped dog poop,[url=http://www.mac--cosmetics@#$%&/]mac make up[/url], politicians there may find themselves dealing with an unintended mess.

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