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@#$%& Disc Golf
Posted by: lesss4f45z (IP Logged)
Date: September 01, 2014 06:00PM

Disc Golf
Skill, despite your love of Hardees.
Have you ever noticed how professional bowlers exist? No? Well, according to google,[url=http://www.canadagooseoutlet-jackets@#$%&/]@#$%& jackets[/url], the do, and boy are they largely out of shape. If bowling isn't for you, and you're looking for something to pass the time outside of 20 sided dice rolls, Disc golf might just be for you! Also, out of shape people can get involved. If you've got sleep apnea, a beer belly,[url=$%&/]longchamp outlet[/url], and the Gout, fear not! Disc golf may still have a place for you.
Walking through the mostly wooded courses can be great excercise, but largely the game doesn't require much taxing physical effort. It's the type of game where if you hang out with tragically uncoordinated friends, they can still manage to get a decent round in. It's still up to the scientific community to tell us whether the Lord Fris Beerath, The Floating Terror of the Discrealm, takes pity on these folk or if muscle memory simply helps them guide their wrist correctly to keep the disc on the fairway, but whomever is responsible,[url=$%&/]ugg australia[/url], it ends up being a fun day. It takes years to master, but with a modicum of coordination and a variety of discs to help get your throws doing what you want, you can pick up and play pretty quickly.
Communing with nature
One stereotype for the game is that it's reserved for stoner hippies. This isn't a blanket truth,[url=]montre femme[/url], but that won't stop you from running into the pair of patchouli smelling, shaggy haired dudes so blazed that they are speaking to the trees to find out where their brethern lie on the hole ahead, and prostrate themselves before the mighty will of Halle Berry to send beneficial gusts of wind to keep their disc aloft.
The game lends itself to all types of people, including normal people. Picking up this game is not only good entertainment for you,[url=http://www.cheapnfljersey-outlet@#$%&/]nfl jerseys[/url], but it gives you something to talk about with your boss, who plays the old Scottish version of golf. Hell, my father and I now talk about our golf games, how they've improved, driving distance and the like. The only difference is that he's using expensive clubs and balls and I'm using discs.
Your significant other might just want to play with you.
Sure, couples play white ball golf together. When they're 75. Let's face it, in a world of increasingly specialized interests, sitting down with your significant other may occasionally entail a marathon of "16 and Pregnant,[url=]hogan[/url]," "Desperate Housewives," or worse, anything else on MTV. So when you've got an opportunity to play a non contact,[url=]bottes ugg[/url], no running required game with your special someone,[url=]hollister @#$%&[/url], you've got to take it.
Because I know for damn sure I'm not watching 16 and Pregnant.
And if your significant other isn't interested in playing,[url=$%&/]p90x 3[/url], you'll only be gone for two hours. And you'll be so elated with the joy of the game (and the sixer you polished off between the 9th and 10th holes) that you'll give your special someone extra attention as a result. Everyone wins!
It's a blast
We've had fun here today,[url=]true religion outlet stores[/url], but hopefully my love for the game shines through. Do yourself a favor, grab some friends and head out to the closest course.

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