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Hermes Handbags A Very Cheesy Sandwich
Posted by: wang2n5n8f (IP Logged)
Date: August 22, 2014 09:09PM

A Very Cheesy Sandwich
For culinary simplicity, it just doesn't get much more basic than the grilled cheese sandwich. Insanely easy to make, widely variable in its construction, it is perfect by itself or with a nice bowl of soup or chilli.
To assist in understanding this Entry, the grill in question is an American variety: a flat heated block that you cook directly on although, actually,[url=]Hermes Handbags[/url], most people will make this sandwich in a skillet or frying pan. Any other largish, heavy bottomed shallow pan on the cooktop will do fine. The cheese makes or breaks the sandwich. American cheese1 is ideal for grilled cheese. Velveeta2 is perfect if it's available. You can make the sandwich with real cheese if you prefer, but it won't be as good. If you insist on real cheese you want something that melts well and maintains a soft, slightly stringy consistency when melted; the kind of cheese you might put on a cheeseburger. Cheddar is okay. Monterey Jack is good. Colby works. You want a sliced loaf bread that is cut on both sides as opposed to a sandwich roll or artisan bread. White and wheat bread work really well, as do rye, potato or sourdough. 'Texas Toast', which is basically white bread sliced double thick, is popular for grilled cheese, too. Any butter, or margarine. It doesn't matter.
PreparationNow let's put it all together. You will need a skillet or griddle preheated to medium heat3. Lightly butter one side of two pieces of bread. More butter will not ruin the sandwich (it would taste pretty good, actually),[url=]Hermes Belts[/url], but isn't necessary. It is necessary to make sure the butter covers the entire surface of the side of bread though. Place one slice of bread butter side down in the skillet. Top the bread with two slices of cheese try to keep the cheese on the bread, not hanging over the side and then the other slice of bread, butter side up.
Give the sandwich a few minutes two or three and use a spatula to lift up a corner of your sandwich to check its progress. If the butter is still yellow and soft,[url=]Hermes Wallet[/url], your heat isn't high enough; turn it up a notch or so and give it a few more minutes. If your sandwich is blackened, your heat is too high. Unless you like the taste of scorched bread,[url=]Polo Outlet[/url], it's probably best to scrap that one and start again (don't forget to turn the heat down). If the bottom side of your sandwich is golden brown and just a bit crunchy, you're just where you want to be. The cheese inside should have just softened enough to stick together while you flip the sandwich to grill the other side and finish melting the cheese.
When you remove the sandwich from the pan,[url=]Hermes Birkin Bag[/url], it is vitally important that you flip it before putting it on the plate. The bottom of the sandwich, when in the pan, must be facing upwards when it is on the plate to give it a chance to develop the crispiness one normally associates with a well prepared grilled cheese sandwich. If the sandwich is not flipped before placement on the plate,[url=]Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet[/url], the bottom will become soft and mushy with the vapour it lets off as it cools.
Allow your grilled cheese to cool only slightly, so the cheese is still gooey but not so hot it burns your mouth. Bon apptit!If you have a griddle that is wide enough for two pieces of bread side by side you can put both pieces of bread butter side down on the griddle and lay a slice of cheese on each. Check the underside of the slices, about the same time the underside is getting gold and crispy, the cheese should start looking a bit melty. Flip one piece on top of the other and the melty cheese will instantly bond,[url=]Hermes Online sale[/url], giving you grilled cheese in half the time.
The College Student
If you find yourself without a stove and your student college or residence does not allow hotplates,[url=]Cheap Polo Shirts[/url], you can get a decent approximation by using a clothes iron and some aluminum foil. Cover the bottom surface of the iron with the aluminum foil, and place it upon your assembled un grilled cheese sandwich. After it is sufficiently brown on the top side, flip the sandwich and lay the iron on the other side. Apparently this yields a palatable grilled cheese sandwich. It is recommended that you iron your sandwich on a plate instead of an ironing board as it's likely to leave a grease spot.
The Apartment Dweller
If your stove is on the fritz and you are not suicidal enough to use an electric iron to grill your cheese sandwich,[url=]Ralph Lauren Polo[/url], a waffle iron may also work. Be careful, however, not to press down too hard on the lid of the waffle iron, as it could pierce the bread and result in a waffle iron full of melted cheese. It may sound interesting,[url=]Discount Hermes Bags[/url], but it's no fun to clean or smell. Similarly, a sandwich press works quite nicely without the same risk of cheesy mess.
Grilled Cheese On The Go
For those who would like to experience the joy of a freshly prepared grilled cheese sandwich but lack the time to prepare it properly, there is the Grilled Cheese On The Go. Shop around for a good propane blowtorch, a sturdy pair of stainless steel gripping tongs, and some heavy duty, non flammable work gloves. After coating each side of the sandwich with a thin layer of butter, carefully light the blowtorch and grip your already prepared sandwich with the tongs. Holding the sandwich away from your body, evenly singe each side with the lit blowtorch. This quick method of preparation may lead to some inner cheese not melting fully, but this is the price you pay for Grilled Cheese On The Go.
AccompanimentsFor some variety, you can add a few slices of bacon to your sandwich, or tomatoes, or both. Dill pickles4 are very nice, too. This is easy to do if you're making your sandwich the quick way, simply add the extras before assembling the sandwich. Otherwise, immediately after removing your sandwich from the pan, peel up one corner of the bread, exposing the melted cheese, and stuff your extras in. This can be a bit messy, and watch not to burn your fingers on the hot cheese.
Grilled cheese goes well with soup, especially tomato soup. Chilli complements grilled cheese nicely, too, and of course, you can just have a sandwich or two with crisps or salad.
Grilled cheese shouldn't be confused with toasted cheese, which is a slice or two of cheese between two slices of freshly toasted bread5 and relies heavily on the toasted bread to provide the heat to soften but not melt the cheese. Grilled cheese is also not the same as Westphalian Cheese Toast, which is something completely different.
1Yes, yes, it's cheese food, not exactly cheese. Whatever.2Velveeta is an American cheese that is specially blended to be melted in various dishes like macaroni and cheese, or Mexican cheese dip. It is sold in various sized bricks found in the dairy section of most American grocers.3Medium here is warm enough to make the bread sizzle a bit when you put it on the surface, but not so hot that it instantly burns. Grilled cheese is not an exact science.4British people know these as gherkins.5Apart from in Britain where 'toasted cheese' is made in a completely different way.
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