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Hermes Online sale 5 Times Damon Was the Absolute Worst on The Vampir
Posted by: wang2n5n8f (IP Logged)
Date: August 21, 2014 12:21PM

5 Times Damon Was the Absolute Worst on The Vampire Diaries
We're going to get this one out of the way because,[url=]Hermes Online sale[/url], otherwise,[url=]Polo Outlet[/url], we'll never be able to focus on Damon's stupid decisions in seasons past. At the end of the episode,[url=]Hermes Wallet[/url], Damon decided to break up with Elena because a) he doesn't want her to change him,[url=]Ralph Lauren Polo[/url], b) he doesn't want to change her,[url=]Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet[/url], and c) he doesn't want to see her face whenever she finds out about another person he's up and murdered. The thing is: these are all issues these two have discussed before you know, in all those episodes Damon was pining after Elena. Now that he has her,[url=]Discount Hermes Bags[/url], he dumps her? Not cool,[url=]Cheap Polo Shirts[/url], bro. Also not cool: not really giving Elena a voice in the matter. He just told her that they were breaking up,[url=]Hermes Birkin Bag[/url], discussion over. This was the worst.
Four seasons on, and we're still not over this. In Season 1, Episode 8,[url=]Hermes Belts[/url], Damon kills Stefan's BFF in front of his brother. On his birthday. It's kind of to prove himself to the Founder's Council, but mostly to be a jerk. This action only becomes sadder and more disturbing once we learn just how close Stefan and Lexi were and how she helped him overcome his bloodlust. More recently,[url=]Hermes Handbags[/url], we found out that Lexi also tried to help Damon. In fact, she semi fell for him but it was all just a months long ruse for Damon to punish Lexi for trying to help him. Both of these things? Damon being The Worst. Lexi was awesome.
Speaking of Season 1, remember how Damon totally used Caroline for all of it? The high schooler had a crush on the older, dreamy dude and went for it. Damon used his powers of compulsion and his willingness to prey on Caroline's low self esteem to get her to be his own personal blood bag. She followed him around, providing a snack whenever he might be hungry, wearing brightly colored scarves to hide the bite marks. Caroline remembered all of this once she became a vampire herself, and she's never forgiven Damon for it, which is what makes her antagonism towards the entire Delena relationship make so much sense. Because Damon was The Worst to her.

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