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Century 2 Q 94
Posted by: Tommy (IP Logged)
Date: March 20, 2003 10:49AM


Lots of Nostradamus interpretations on a newly launched website called Eagle Mission:

Sensational news is presented and we who are working with this site believes it soon will reach the whole world. One of the most mindbuggling things on the site might be the reincarnation research area. Last friday this topic gave room for the first exposure in media for this new site:

2003-03-14 Letter to the editor, published in Arbetarbladet, Sweden, 74 000 readers

Dinga Linga Lennart

I read in Arbetarbladet 7/3 that Lennart E-G is indignated because the musician Pugh Rogefeldt is described as one of this countries biggest musicgeniuses by Arbetarbladet's leader writer Helena Klingspor. I find it hard to understand this objection. Lennart E-G asks how many records Rogefeldt is selling and the answer here is that Rogefeldt placed all his records in the sixties and seventies on the swedish hitlists and he recieved a Grammy for best record 1970. This record "Ja, dä ä dä" was truly genius while it had great importance for latter swedish rockmusic through combining the swedish language and swedish tone with rock in a til then unheard form. And no one who witnessed the concert on Heartbreak 27/2 where Pugh played his hits can probably understand what Lennart E-G is talking about. He was called in three times for extra's and the concert ended in a blissful state with a harmonicaplaying Pugh in the middle of the audiencecrowd! Big ovations came from one of Rogefeldts favourite audiences, the Gävle audience. And further trying to torpedo Lennart E-G:s depreciation of Rogefeldt' musiciantalent I'd like to inform about an exciting reincarnation research project on where one can see that Rogefeldt by looks is almost a copy of of the french composer Francois Couperain 1668-1773. It's not just the appearance that is the same musically there are also striking similarities. Contrary to the baroques rigid suitepattern Couperains structures where free and varied. Compare this with Rogefeldts compositions which are irregular to the form. Couperains melodic line is mostly playful which corresponds to Rogefeldts spontanity in the performance. 73 classical musicians is compared with 73 popmusicians and this is accordingly one of the connections. Rogefeldts swedish top hit "Två = en" (Two = one) comes to mind - and by this I now hope that Dinga Linga Lennart has ben convinced about Rogefeldts obvious musical genius status!

Tommy Bäck

(Explanation of the title of the letter (Not part of the published letter): I write Dinga Linga Lennart because it is a humurous connection to one of Pugh's most famous songs "Dinga Linga Lena" and Lennart E-G himself had "Dinga Linga Lena" as title to his letter since it alluded to the leaderwriter Helena Klingspor! That is how funny we can be in Gävle;-)

Link to the letter:

This reincarnationresearch are drawing more and more attention and I have been able to work with this fulltime the last 2 1/2 years. We have strong reasons to believe that this is the return of Nostradamus and soon this will be published on our site:

"This whole reincarnation research started with myself having an idea that I could be the reincarnation of Michel de Nostradame (Nostradamus). I noticed that I had a strong interest in trying to dechipher different profetic messages about the end times and I had just discovered and interpretated some verses by Nostradamus that seems to talk about Martinus the author of "The third testament". I saw a picture of Nostradamus in a magazine that reminded me much of myself. When studying his life more in detail I could notice more striking similarities and signs that gives clues that the connection is real. There is one verse by Nostradamus that by many Nostradamus scholars are interpreted as being about Nostradamus himself. I have made an interpretation of this verse:

Century 2 Q 94

In 500 years during which more will take into account,
The one who was the ornament of his era:
Then with a shock great clarity he will give,
Which by this century will bring them great contentment.

Nostradamus was born 1503 exactly 500 years from this year. He is the most famous seer "the ornament of his era". Many have witnessed that the connections showed in Eagle Mission's reincarnation studies are "shocking" because of the "great clarity" shown in the picture comparisons. The more our and others research will show that the connections shown are compelling the more "contentment" it will give people. It could be important and compelling clues that shows that reincarnation is a fact."

I would like to advice you all to view this with healthy scepticism. We are not fanatical about it and are open to other interpretations. This is just some things we find interesting and compelling that we like to share with others. Feel free to discuss these findings on the Eagle Mission forum it would be really great to get help in the work with all the connections presented with all the musicians for instance, Peace from me to you! /t

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