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Posted by: dfr3xcda16 (IP Logged)
Date: May 14, 2017 12:56AM

The recent announcement by Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon that government gave its approval for the procurement of $20M worth in Duracell batteries for upcoming elections has not only left the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) in a state of bewilderment, but the Union is now calling on the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to provide concrete evidence to justify such an expenditure.The procurement of the batteries was an action that prompted a lot of raised eyebrows within various sections of the media when the pronouncement was made on Wednesday at Dr. Luncheon?s first press conference for 2015.He too acknowledged that initially, there was some degree of concern among members of Cabinet when they were first apprised of the contract. However, Dr. Luncheon had explained that he does not believe that the expenditure was idly resorted to and would be incurred in such a manner. Some people, he said, saw the move as a clear indictment on the power sector. He said, too, that amidst the criticisms there were concerns about the supply of electricity, on Election Day.The Cabinet Secretary said that he could therefore understand a willingness to excuse the expenditure for as the old adage goes,[url=$%&/]Cheap Jerseys NFL[/url], ?it?s better to be safe than sorry?.Noting that the aforementioned is just one perspective, he had also asserted that the procurement of $20M worth in batteries could be that quite a bit of the equipment may very well be battery-operated.?So the Duracell I presume is all types of Duracell, A and B and round and square?to address the different utensils there are the specific types of batteries that they require,? he added.But the GTUC refuses to accept this explanation,[url=$%&/]NFL Cheap Jerseys China[/url], describing it as a ?flimsy excuse? concocted by Dr. Luncheon.The Union articulated in a statement to the media that the seemingly ?wanton expenditure following the revelation of billions of dollars in corrupt practices by the PPP regime suggests that the State?s coffers, filled with hard-earned taxpayers? dollars, is ripped open to feed the hunger for personal wealth accumulation for government and PPP officials who continue to feed off the fat of the land?.?As these fat cat politicians, friends and families fill their pockets,[url=$%&/]Wholesale Jerseys[/url], public servants and other workers are left to eke out a living on starvation wages, and the nation?s debt rises astronomically. Children of the working class will inherent the brunt of this in a cycle of working class poverty.?The continuous pillaging of the nation?s resources, the Union continued, is further reason why parliament needs to be reconvened. The GTUC emphasized that a convened parliament, which is a constitutional requirement,[url=$%&/]Jerseys From China[/url], would have allowed for a careful review of not only the GECOM?s budget, but specifically,[url=$%&/]China Jerseys Online[/url], the review of this item and any other suspicious slush fund created by the government.The union then called on the Opposition Leader, David Granger, to up the ante to have parliament reconvened,[url=$%&/]Cheap Jerseys From China[/url], as it is of the firm opinion that the government will continue to use the prorogation period as a cover to engage in corrupt practices due to lack of oversight that the National Assembly is designed to perform.The GTUC also expressed concern that the act of proroguing is actually an act of denying workers, in this instance, parliamentarians the right to work. Notably, it said, though the Members of Parliament are denied the right to work, government continues to pay wages to them, and this it suggested has already in some quarters, raised issues of morality and ethics.The union further called on ?the media, civil society and opinion leaders to join forces and speak in common voice,[url=$%&/]Cheap NFL Jerseys China[/url], in such a manner that it would bring pressure to bear on the Ramotar government to reconvene parliament forthwith and respect the will of the people to be involved in national decision making and oversight?.

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