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Posted by: urt8sant39 (IP Logged)
Date: May 09, 2017 12:29PM

He?s a motivational public speaker,[url=$%&/]Wholesale Jerseys[/url], head prefect of his school, self-taught chess player and avid cricketer. While these are a great many achievements for any person, get this ? Abhimanyu Dev ? “Abhi” to everyone – is only eight years old.Eight-year-old Abhi Dev chairs the graduation proceedings at his school Call him what you wish, genius,[url=$%&/]Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale[/url], child prodigy, gifted, talented or intelligent, but there is no mistaking the fact that this little boy is just special.That?s why Kaieteur News is proud to feature Abhi Dev as this week?s “special person”.Born into a long line of intellectual high achievers, it was expected that Abhi would naturally follow suit, but this youngster has surpassed the expectations of his parents and continues to reach new heights each day.That?s because he sees no challenge as insurmountable, is not afraid to try new things, and has a fierce competitive spirit that extends even to his elder sibling.Even as an infant, it was clear that Abhi was not your average baby.He defied the old adage of “having to creep before you walk” and after dragging on his buttocks for a short time, just stood up and began walking long before his first birthday.There was no stopping him as he pushed himself to the limit and one by one defied the timelines associated with the development of children.His father Ravi Dev believes that Abhi?s elder sister Anu played a major motivational role in her brother?s rapid intellectual development. She took the country?s top spot in 2006 at the Secondary Schools Entrance Examination ? the last “Common Entrance” exam.“It was as though Abhi never noticed or acknowledged the four-year difference between him and his sister?He competed with her to do everything and was bent on doing everything she did,” says his mother.His attention span at age one was phenomenal and for hours at a time he would sit engrossed in a book or his sister?s educational toys as though trying to comprehend them.Just before his second birthday he began to read on his own.His father remembers the occasion vividly, “I would read to him each night by pointing to the words. One evening as I pointed to the words he began reading along with me word for word.”No doubt his father was taken aback. Here was a two-year-old reading in complete sentences.He also exhibited a special interest in the computer which he would pore over for hours and soon began effectively utilizing the programmes on it designed for children much older than him.His sister was not always pleased with his competitive spirit but has finally accepted that her baby brother was a force to be reckoned with in the intellectual world and he would never be her junior in that regard.“At first I think that Anu was a bit flustered because Abhi was always challenging her. Because she was older she expected him to behave his age, but now I think she has accepted that she doesn?t necessarily know more than he does,” Ravi noted with a laugh.Abhi at two-years old using the computerFrom a very young age Abhi also exhibited a level of independence and confidence unique for his age.After his first day of nursery school at age three, he refused to return, declaring that the children were ?acting like babies?.Try as they might, his parents could not get him to return and finally gave up.He continued to push himself at home, honing his reading and writing skills and before he turned five, was writing in cursive.On his entry into primary school, soon after his fifth birthday, so far advanced was he that a few weeks later the head teacher took the decision to promote him two grades up.While all the children were now learning to say their alphabet he was reading in complete sentences and while they were learning to draw individual letters, he was writing full paragraphs.His emotional,[url=$%&/]NFL Jerseys Authentic[/url], mental and temperamental ability also seemed to match his intellectual prowess as he seemed drawn and effectively related to children much older than him.Being five years old in grade three, surrounded by children who were eight and nine years old, failed to faze this determined little boy, who not only held his own,[url=$%&/]China Jerseys[/url], but topped the class in the first month.For the next few years he continued to excel throughout the school, topping each class he was graduated into ? grade four then grade five.He also developed a passion for chess which he taught himself from the internet.A fluent and articulate speaker,[url=$%&/]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url], he began giving speeches at school functions.Now at eight years old, he is preparing to write the National Grade Six Assessment next April and has commandeered and earned the respect of his peers at Leonora Primary, where he is also head prefect (Boy).As probably the youngest Guyanese eligible to write this examination, he has to gain permission from the Ministry of Education. His father believes that it is a tribute to the educational system in general and the staff of Leonora Primary, in particular.At his schools? recent graduation exercise, Abhi chaired the entire proceedings (albeit from atop a chair behind the podium!) and effectively held the attention of the prestigious audience which included the regional chairman and educational representatives, with his fluent and articulate diction.At one point during the event he even motivated the audience to get on their feet to indulge in some stretches to “refocus their attention” on the proceedings.It would be natural to think that a child so intellectually gifted would have his eyes set on becoming a lawyer, doctor or some other profession synonymous with this aptitude.Not so. Abhi?s passion is to represent Guyana on the West Indies cricket team.And since this feisty lad never balks at any challenge,[url=$%&/]Alex Delvecchio Red Wings Jersey[/url], he is avidly pursuing his goal every chance he gets.A member of his school?s cricket team, an important motivation for attending school each day is to hone his skill in this regard.While the world may consider Abhi as exceptional, this humble little boy really does not understand what all the fuss is about.He just thrives on overcoming challenges and giving of his best in any given sphere.That makes him special indeed.

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