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Posted by: dfr3xcda16 (IP Logged)
Date: April 14, 2017 07:03AM

By Jenelle CarterThe Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) General Secretary Lincoln Lewis and a representative from the African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA), Dr. David Hinds, on Tuesday contended that ?International Year for People of African Descent? has been hijacked. Persons of African descent are being trampled on in Guyana, he said.Lewis pointed out that self-determination of any group is the responsibility of the people of that group. ?Any act to circumscribe the vision of African Guyanese by the PPP Government must be seen as another process of enslavement and disrespect for African rights to self-determination?. He emphasised that Guyana being a member nation of the UN is expected to honour,[url=$%&/]wholesale jerseys china[/url], respect and advance the rights of the descendants of Africans.?It is then reasonable to expect a process of facilitation and not control by the Government since they have the responsibility for making the conditions favourable for every African-based organization to advance their interest.?Lewis noted that the experience that Guyana has had in recent years suggests that this will not be so, and the relevant parties should recognise this and act accordingly.?As such we must fight for what are our rights and what others enjoy on the platter…as African Guyanese we put the government on notice that we are not asking a favour, neither are we begging to be recognised in this UN designated year.?We are saying this to the Government that it is our right to determine our agenda for this year,[url=$%&/]cheap nfl jerseys china[/url], and negotiate how we desire to achieve that agenda with the support of the state?we are saying that we shall resist any attempt by them to impose upon us African house slaves.?In this year we say to the nation that we will also determine our leaders, our plans,[url=$%&/]Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply[/url], our projects and strategies, write our history, identify our heroes and not let this be the purgative of those who continue to demonize us even when we are standing up to have our rights respected within the parameters of the law.?     Lewis further pointed to laws that provide for the demands the Union is making. ?The demands we make are in keeping with the right enshrined in Article 40(1) of the Guyana Constitution. This article expressly states ?Every person in Guyana is entitled to the basic right to a happy,[url=$%&/Detroit-Red-Wings-Curtis-Joseph-Jersey/]Curtis Joseph Red Wings Jersey[/url], creative and productive life; free from hunger,[url=http://www.cheapjerseysfactorywholesale@#$%&/]Jerseys NFL Wholesale[/url], ignorance and want. That right includes the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual?.?Among these rights and freedoms are: Protection of the right to life, personal property; freedom of expression, assembly, association and movement; protection from discrimination on the grounds of race,[url=$%&/]cheap jerseys nfl wholesale[/url], inhumane treatment, deprivation of property, slavery and forced labour.  Included too are the right to pension, gratuity, participation in decision-making process of the state and free choice of employment. Persons are also entitled to equality before the law.Lewis further stated that as persons of African descent examine the path they have travelled as a people it will be observed that these fundamental rights and freedoms are being trampled upon.  ?Laws are being ignored and in some instances unjust laws created to violate human rights and dignities,[url=$%&/Detroit-Red-Wings-Chris-Chelios-Jersey/]Chris Chelios Red Wings Jersey[/url], and used as weapons of oppression.?Meanwhile similar sentiments were expressed by Dr. Hinds, who stated that this year should be used to address the major challenges of the African Guyanese community; economic disempowerment, political disenfranchisement and cultural dislocation.?It is abundantly clear that while poverty and wants affect all ethnic groups, their prevalence in the African Guyanese community threatens the very survival of the group as a co-equal in the reproduction of the national political economy.Hinds added that the political and economic conditions have had dire consequences for Africans.?The sense of ethnic inferiority and self-hate is on the rise?African pride and dignity are fast becoming extinct.?

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