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Posted by: dfr3xcda16 (IP Logged)
Date: April 08, 2017 05:42AM

Members of the Linden Social Development Committee, which is tasked with organizing the Linden Town Week of activities, have drafted a motion to remove the Chairman, Ian Halls. They say that Halls is politicizing the event.They have also vowed not to sit at any meeting with Linden Town Clerk, Jonella Bowen, in whom they said they have lost ?all confidence?.  She was reportedly directed by Minister Norman Whittaker to omit the motion from the agenda of a recent meeting, of the Social Development Committee to deal with the issue.?We feel that Mr. Halls has not been acting in the best interest of the committee,[url=$%&/]cheap nfl jerseys china[/url], and we are not satisfied that these activities are going the way they ought to, so we drafted a motion  for his removal. Eight members seconded that motion,? one member noted.The motion, which said that Halls has failed to perform the functions of the committee and has subsequently lost the confidence of said committee and by extension the wider Linden community, was submitted to the Linden Town Clerk Ms Jonella Bowen, to be addressed at an extraordinary meeting   held on April 3.However at the meeting Chairman of the Linden Interim Management Committee, Orrin Gordon,  reportedly said that the motion would not be entertained, and referred it to the Social Development Committee. He added that whatever decision was taken would be endorsed.The decision was then taken that the matter would be addressed at a meeting to be held by the aforementioned body.But at the meeting with the Social development Committee, the Town Clerk said that she was instructed by Minister Norman Whittaker that the issue should not be addressed at the meeting, and had omitted the item from the agenda, since she goes by the Minister?s instructions.?We had a big pashway (dispute) about it and the meeting was aborted, without even going further,? Vice Chairman of the Town Week Committee, Eric Harry, told Kaieteur News.?The council is an autonomous body; the Minister cannot direct. He can only guide when we?re going wrong; that is his function? and her function as the Town Clerk is to guide us on the legal or right path.Yesterday we had a meeting and we did not sit with her, because we have lost all confidence in her, and until this issue is properly resolved we will not sit with her,? Harry added.Chairman of the security committee, Charles Sampson,[url=$%&/]jerseys nfl wholesale[/url], emphasized that for Town Week to be successful, everybody has to be involved,[url=$%&/]Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China[/url], and that it should ?not be run like a one-man show?.?A lot of people on the social committee have lost confidence in Mr. Halls. The motion that was moved and seconded by eight committee members spells that out clearly, so the decent thing for Mr. Halls to do, is to resign, but instead he is saying that he don?t recognize  the motion; he is complaining to everybody in the Government – politicizing the whole thing.?The Town Clerk,[url=$%&/Eqt-10/]$%&/Eqt-10/[/url], on the other hand, even though she has her political connections, should not be involving the Minister in everything. A Town Clerk is a very important person, and she is not supposed to be running to the Minister with everything. There are certain things that we are supposed to be dealing with right here.But all they are doing is delaying the inevitable, because if we want to remove Mr. Halls, we will remove him,[url=$%&/]wholeslae cheap nfl jerseys china[/url], because when we were installing him, the Minister did not come in. I don?t know why they bringing him in now, this council is supposed to have a certain degree of autonomy!??As head of the Town Week Committee, Halls wants to micro manage everything,[url=$%&/]NFL Jerseys Outlet From China[/url], instead of overlooking and allowing people to do what they were designated to do?that proves his incompetence. However it is not our intention to remove him from the Town Week committee.?Gordon Callender, another committee member, said that if Halls is not removed as Chairman,[url=$%&/]cheap nfl jerseys online[/url], he is prepared to mobilize people and abort the Linden Town Week.Callender in reflecting on the theme of town week, ? Coming clean in 2013,? said that the projection was that everything would be done transparently, but under the present chairman there has been no accountability; no records of monies received or of expenditures.

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